25102 Complete Subframe Connector Kit

Camaro/Firebird Subframe Connectors 93-02 Camaro/Firebird F-Body Bare J&M Products

Subframe Connectors F-Body Camaro Firebird 1993-2002 Round Tube Part 25102

This is the first thing that should be done on uni-body vehicles, even if you do not plan to increase the performance of the engine, is the installation of subframe connectors! Connectors assist in maintaining the integrity of the vehicle. Take a close look at any unibody car that has been run hard. The doors don’t close quite right and the alignment shop has trouble getting the car to drive straight.

If you want your car to remain rattle free and you want to get the most out of other chassis and engine mods, you have to connect the front and rear frame sections with something stronger than sheet metal. Sub-frame connectors are an absolute requirement for all types of driving.


1.750″ x .120″ Mandrel Bent steel tubing.
A necessity for any performance minded builder
Stops power robbing chassis flex
Improves responsiveness and control
Shaped to hug the floor pan of your vehicle for maximum ground clearance
Optional black or red powder-coat finish to prevent corrosion
Weld-in design is far superior and stronger than bolt-in styles

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